The following cartoons were kindly drawn & donated to by a very dear friend of ours.
Each "toon" was inspired by an actual event involving Jay and Paul.


One time as we came through HM Customs at the Port of Dover, a customs officer emerged from our van with an inert grenade in each hand.
he asks us "How much alcohol and tobacco do you have?"
We were on a dig of and old bottle dump in Belgium,
Jay farted and Paul ran away as he seriously thought that he had broken into a gas shell !


We were crossing the French border back into France, 
as we went over the speed hump the back door swung open and a box containing dug helmets fell out.
You just know that the Duane's went over the van with a microscope  after that!
Jay was complaining that his detector was playing up, he was getting signals all over the place but could not locate the find.
After about half an hour he realised that his new boots had steel to caps !
We were digging in a wood on the Somme in France.
 It was a real spooky place and Paul was quite on edge.
When something made him jump he hit it with his detector,
 The problem was it was a French Policeman checking up that we had a permit to search there !
When searching a site in Ypres, Jay dug a silver ID disC.
Paul enquired to what he had found and Jay replied "a dog tag"
Paul then asked if there were any unit markings, to which J
ay gave the tag to Paul laughing. The tag was an ID disc for a dog !
Another search by HM Customs officers led them to find the barrel end of a Lee Enfield rifle.
It was bent into a "U" shape and had the remains of the bayonet on the end.
The Customs Officer asked us  "has this been deactivated?"


Just a thought that went through our minds when we were searching for Japanese loot in the Philippines !
We once had some stuff taken from us from by a French Customs Officer as Paul had misplaced our search permit,
therefore we could not prove that we had obtained the relics legally.
  The Duane said we would have to pay a large fine if we did not hand the relics over. 
Why were we not surprised to see him again a few weeks later at a military fare selling relics very similar to ours !!!


Note to self: A Ford Transit Van is not an All Terrain Vehicle !

Obtaining permission to search is not always that easy !

Jay's favourite quote:
"The good thing about digging is you never know what will be on the end of your spade next !